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Pil Seung & Welcome to Choi Kwang Do World, an online store operated by full time Martial Art Instructors, equipped with over 25 years of martial arts training & experience.

Being full time Martial Art Instructors we understand the hassles that accompany safety equipment which is not fit for purpose. Unsustainable equipment or the loss of stick on the velcro straps wastes time during drills & interrupts the flow of our training. 

Quick & easy application is important for consistent momentum in between drills. The simplicity of our design allows even the youngest practitioners to apply & take off struggle free.

Injuries directly conflict with sustainable training & consistent development proving safety & good health is vital. Our equipment covers more than just the hands & feet also protecting the forearms & shins. Complete with a moulded foot design, additional knuckle padding, thumb & toes support & a choice of finger grips this safety equipment offers a secure, comfortable product.

Our goal is to supply Choi Kwang Do practitioners of all ages & capability levels with durable, long lasting safety equipment which is easy to apply & take off.

At Choi Kwang Do World, we have evolved our safety equipment by testing & refining with designers & manufacturers to produce a simple but effective, reliable product which you can train in with confidence. Using quality durable materials Choi Kwang Do World offers long lasting safety equipment which can withstand impact over an extensive period of time no matter how frequently engaged in defence drills.

Being full time Martial Art Instructors we understand the hassles & amount of time wasted as a result of ineffective or impractical safety equipment & we hope the protection provided eliminates the common hassles related to defence drills. 

Safety equipment produced by Choi Kwang Do World has been tested & enjoyed by Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi; 9th Degree Grandmaster & Founder of Choi Kwang Do.

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